Bay Window - Double Nature
Bay Window - Double Nature
Bay Window - Double Nature Bay Window - Double Nature Bay Window - Double Nature

Bay Window - Double Nature

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Bay Window - Double Nature

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Bay windows are more than just windows. They are combinations of windows that reach out into the world. Even with limited space, a bay or bow window allows you to have more windows to capture the view of outside scenery.

Bay windows are 3 wide windows usually with casement flankers and a larger fixed unit in the middle. Available in different angles the bay window helps to accentuate an existing opening.

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Bay & Bow


LowE Glass

Low E Glass - Winter - Summer

The Low-E glass difference. Low-E stands for “low emissivity” and is designed to improve thermal performance.

Energy effcient Low-E (low-emissivity) glass is simply the way to go. Choosing Low-E glass makes a dramatic difference in savings and comfort for the lifetime of your windows. These windows have a transparent micro-metallic coating and are flled with non-toxic argon gas that blocks out harmful ultraviolet energy and provides superior insulation.


The higher the solar heat gain coeffcient, the more natural energy is transmitted through the glass. Although glazing technologies have vastly improved in the last 10 years, some of the oldest Low-E technologies perform best in Canadian climates. Since Canadians spend more money heating their homes in the winter than cooling them in the summer, high solar heat gain coeffcients are important to harness solar energy during the winter months. This soft coat Low-E with its solar blocking capabilities is remains a popular choice.

Double Pane vs Triple Pane

Triple & double paned windows feature two or three panes of glass respectively separated by a layer of gas. This design helps to reduce sound transmission and keeps the home more comfortable than old-fashioned single-paned windows. It is benefcial to consider how they compare with each other in terms of effciency, sound transmission and cost.  IGU’s can be made up of various types of glass including LowE, Laminated, Toughened, Tinted or reflective glass.

  • R-Value - The R-value of a window measures its ability to resist heat flow. A window with a higher R-value is more effective at blocking heat transfer than one with a low R-value. To keep your home warm during the winter and keep expensive heat from escaping through the window panes, look for units with the highest R-value possible. Replacing double-panedunits with triple-paned windows could reduce heatingcosts.
  • Solar Heat Gain - In addition to R-value, it's also important to understand how well a window blocks solar heat gain or it’s solar heat gain coeffcient (SHGC). This SHGC ranges from 0 to 1. A low SHGC means that the window does an excellent job blocking heat-producing solar rays, while a high SHGC means more solar heat gain into the home. In northern climates, a high SHGC may be desirable because it helps keep the home warmer. In general, triple-paned windows have a lower SHGC than double-paned units.
  • Cost Evaluation - Triple-paned windows cost 10 percent to 15 percent more than double-paned ones on average. The improved effciency of triple-paned windows could cut heating bills by 2 percent to 3 percent a year in very cold areas but may not save buyers much in more moderate climate zones.
  • Sound Transmission - There are differing opinions on how much sound transmission is eliminated by triple paned windows. The extruded frame for a triple pane window profle is thicker than a dual pane profle. Noticeable or not, triple pane windows will reduce sound transmission as there is physically more barriers for the sound to travel through.

Obscure Glass

Obscure glass provides privacy while still letting in sunlight. Obscure glass is particularly useful for areas that require privacy such as bathrooms or along open walkways.

Obscure Glass - Pinhead - Cross Reed - Rain

Grille Options

Window Grille Options - Perimeter - Double Perimeter - Colonial - Ranch

Grilles add a decorative element to windows and truly offer the perfect accent. Internal grilles are available in every Prestige window type to add a traditional, contemporary or elegant look to your house. These grilles are located securely
between the glass panes which, in addition to adding character and beauty, are completely maintenance-free.

Grille Colours
Our window grilles are offered in the following standard colours:

Window Grille Colors

Tinted Glass - Grey - Green - Bronze - Blue

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass absorbs and re-radiates solar energy reducing heat and in can provide cost efficient climate control. Tinted glass also reduces sun glare and is aesthetically appealing.

  • Tinted glass is available most commonly in colours such as Grey, Green, Bronze & Blue.
  • Tinted glass may be used to control solar heat gain but typically provides less insulation benefit than a LowE coated window.

Reflective Glass

Reflective Glass SunDuring the manufacturing process a metallic coating is applied which creates a highly reflective appearance. Reflective Glass achieves greater solar control than standard tinted float glass and can be used to create a specific visual appearance in a building.

  • Reflective glass is typically available in  Clear, Neutral, Green, Grey, Bronze and Blue colours.

Clear Float Glass (Annealed)

Clear Float Glass is a visually colourless and distortion free glass providing high light transmission (daylight) and clarity. 

  • Float glass offers no additional performance benefits in terms of reduction in solar heat gain or insulation.
  • Float glass can shatter and produce dangerous shards of glass when broken.

Brickmould Options

Brickmould Options for Windows

Jamb Extension & Drywall Return Options

Jamb Extensions - Drywall Returns

  • Frame depth : Two frame depths are available (3¼" and 4 9/16") to accommodate all construction needs. The deeper that windows are set into the walls of a home, the more protected they are from bad weather, maximizing energy efficiency.
  • Insulation : These windows have triple weatherstripping for maximum airtightness.
  • Glazing : Various types of glass (simple, double, or triple) and glass thickness (⅜" to 1⅜") can be used, depending on your budget and specific energy efficiency needs. 
  • Accessories : Frames may include grooves into which various accessories can be inserted, such as exterior brickmolds and interior jamb extensions, trim, and rosettes. Frames with integrated brickmolds are also available. They not only maximize the look of windows at the front of your home, they also ensure better water resistance and help reduce installation time. If no accessories are desired, a solid frame finish is also available.
  • Style : Various options allow you to adapt the style of these windows to your home, including a stylized exterior sash, authentic interior wood molding, and a bevel sash.
  • Security : Casement and awning windows provide the resistance required against break-ins. These models are so strong that they were the first all-PVC windows of their kind to successfully pass the hurricane- and violent impact–resistance tests of Dade County, Florida.

Bright White






Canyon Clay

Saddle Brown


Ivy Green


Antique Brown


Old World Blue

Dark Drift

Moonlit Moss


Commercial Brown


Dover Gray





Wedgewood Blue

Forest Green


Iron Ore

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