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Prestige Windows available in a multitude of colors Color Options : Prestige Doors can be customized to a multitude of colors. Environmentally friendly, waterborne coatings(paint) are baked on to the door slab. This process creates impact resistance (flexibility), heat reflectance, and excellent color/gloss retention between the door frame and the paint.

Choosing the Perfect Entryway

Entry doors available in western canada

1. Select a door style that matches your personal tastes.
Your home should be a reflection of your unique tastes and the entrance is where it all begins. When you are deciding on an entry door system consider the overall appearance of your home – modern vs. traditional design, colour schemes, wood and hardware finishes.

2. Select your door material.
Prestige offers door slabs in two different types of materials: • Woodgrain Fibreglass gives your door a rich wood appearance but it won’t crack, swell, rot or dent. • Smooth Fibreglass provides a clean, flat surface perfect for painting and a tough, maintenance-free exterior that won’t dent or ding.

3. Select your door configuration and options.
Choose a single entry door with one sidelite or go with a full double door, two sidelites and transom to create a masterpiece for your home. We allow our customers the freedom to customize their entrance with an in or out-swing to maximize space, then select hinge and striker plates that match a home’s finishes.

Entry doors available in western canada

4. Select decorative door glass design.
Showcase your home with decorative glass! Prestige offers one of the largest offerings of decorative door glass selections in western Canada. Choose from our unique decorative glass collections and truly let your imagination run wild. The options are almost limitless.

5. Select a stain finish or choose to paint.
The environment around us is full of inspiring colours. Whether your preference is muted or bold, choosing any of our offered colours for your Prestige doors will ensure your project design makes a lasting first impression. We can also create custom colours to make your door anything except ordinary. Your project is a reflection of your unique style, and adding a little curb appeal with splashes of colour can go a long way in expressing that style.